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Working with our resin products

To Remove flash that covers the window area, use the back side of a #11 x-acto blade
use it to score the flash at the edge of the window area, should not take long to remove
it, then file edge with a fine grit nail file.

We use a water soluble mold release, we clean our bodies before shipping, we do not
clean the resin parts. You should clean or re-clean before painting.
We suggest using a mild cleaner like dish soap, we perfer Dawn dish soap.
Soak the items in a container with water and dish soap, rinse well with clean warm
water and let air dry. Remember that finger print on the surface leave oil on the surface
that might cause problems with paint. We suggest using a non-water based primer.
Do not use harsh cleaners, ( oven Cleaner, brake fluid, paint stripper ) those will attack
the hardner in the resin making it soft.

For the windshield you can use .010 or .015 mil lexan. you can make a template using
masking tape laid across the window area then cuttung the tape at the edge the mounting area with an x-acto knife.

Early Model Funny Car Kit = Revell Charger, Vega, Monza, Mustang
Late Model Funny Car Kit = Revell Olds, Avenger, Firebird
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