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About Us

We founded Competition Resins in 1996, we started as a
vender at our local model shows. Some of the resin products
we were selling at best was of marginal quality. I had a 20+
Year engineering back ground working with resin filled
substrates for the electronics industry.
  So in early 1997 we started our own resin product line, focused on high quality as our standard. Over time were
able to produce some of the highest quality resin bodies
and parts.
  After 25 years we now produce over 100 bodies and near
300 parts and tires.

   At this time we would like to thank our loyal customers
for their support over the years and looking forward to
serving you in the future.

          Thank You
                              Roger & Cecelia Keltz
Quality Model Resin Bodies - Resin Parts - Slixx Decals
Competition Resins
      Order Online or Phone Orders ( 1-909-949-8341 )
     10 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST. ( Since 1996 )
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